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Holy shiznet I have two MAP parts due by the end of october and one on the 24th o-o"
Woah this is cool! New deviantart update I guess. I miss this place, I miss you guys!
Slate 2014 App by DragonsRAWR
Slate 2014 App
Name: Magan Slate
Villain/hero name: Slate
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Rank: Medic
Species: Five-Lined Skink

Height: 5' 11"
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Engaged to Paranoia (panda.)

Background (its optional): She's had a rough past, both before and during her days at Mission Domination. She has mellowed out since then, and is on a better path...I may explain in much greater detail later.

Personality: Slate is quiet most of the time, but when she talks, she is usually detatched and monotone. Slate doesn't really let anyone in anymore, except for Paranoia. She is currently friends with Travis, and that's it. All of her other friends from Mission-Domination are currently deceased. She likes to go on long walks in the forest and think. She does that a lot...just....thinks. Slate is often caught daydreaming, even in the middle of conversations. She has been like this ever since Kyro was put in Storage, and ever since Paranoia went on some long journey, or a hiatus from MD. Slate is mellow and calm, and handles gore pretty well, even in dire situations. This is due to the experiences she's had in her life, and this makes her a skilled medic. Slate can raise her voice and gets easily agitated at people on the battlefield if someone's in danger, but usually keeps her cool and doesn't blow up at people. Slate does, however, become enraged if you strike a nerve. If it's certain people from her past, such as Kyro, her little brother Nathen, (yes that's how it's spelled), or expecially Arri, she becomes hysterical, angry, and sad. If someone were to mention Nero, Jabari, or her parents, then slate just gets very quiet and doesn't say anything for a while. This can last from a few hours to several days.

Gun function: Blasts waves of sound capable of stunning or disorienting its target. If upgraded, it also can cause a few extremeties to feel numb.

Melee weapon function: "I'll HM01 you!" Used to protect those she loves. She only uses it in very dire situations, and most of the time, she just shines it and keeps it clean. Slate sometimes can be found carving designs onto its wooden handle.

RP example: The reptile paced around her dorm. "Nothing to do...nothing to DO! Why is it so hard to find a proper activity around here that's not time-consuming and helps us take over the world? Is my life really THAT BORING?!" Slate paused in her aggravated pacing and swished her tail around. The lizard stood there for a few minutes, eyes glazed, thinking about her past. She shook her head violently. "Enough of this...I guess I'll just go for a long walk in the woods....again." Slate padded over to her nightstand and pulled a drawer open. It contained a framed picture of a certain german shepherd, and a small square shape wrapped in cloth. She tentatively picked it up and closed the drawer slowly. Slate brought the cloth to her lips and kissed it gently before putting it inside her lab coat pocket. "Let's go for a walk, Kyro," Slate said before she closed the door to her chambers.

Coins: 4 bronze, 1 iron, and 1 silver.

I just favourited like 20 things each from crykov and squizzy-space

Ahahaa they probably think im a creep now whoops

Rhenvis :Fan Art: by DragonsRAWR
Rhenvis :Fan Art:
I drew a little something for Venolishious-Robota today ^-^

I really like this character and he was very fun to draw!


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(dA ID pic by @paper.birds on instagram <3)

I've been on here for two years now and have joined a few roelplay groups. I love Mission-Domination and the people involved in it, and I am currently writing a warrior cats fanfic. I'm not too active on here because I mainly post on my instagram account :3

Minecraft Trio are the baes <3 (Cedar, Joe, and I)
I just favourited like 20 things each from crykov and squizzy-space

Ahahaa they probably think im a creep now whoops



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